Spring break is almost upon us, the kids will be out of school, and many families will be leaving for a vacation. And, this means driving or flying to destinations near and far. Even though there’s plenty of excitement and anticipation, don’t forget to plan for safety. Below are some tips for getting things ready before you leave. Eliminating worry about your house and personal possessions will help ensure your spring break vacation is as enjoyable and safe as possible.
    1. Ensure your house is as secure as possible.You won’t want to be worrying about your home security while having fun, so secure your home before you leave. Stop your mail or have someone pick it up, use light switch timers to make it appear someone is home, and, if possible, leave a car in the driveway. Some local police departments will keep an eye on your property if you let them know you’ll be away. Leave a key with a trusted neighbor as well as your itinerary, phone numbers, and how you can be reached.
    2. Service your car before getting on the road.If you’re driving, have your car serviced to ensure everything is in top working order. Be sure to have your vehicle inspected and tires, brakes, battery, and other components checked. Pack a travel health and safety kit with medications and first aid items. It’s also a good idea to have a cell phone car charger to keep your phone battery charged at all times.
    3. If you’re flying, don’t pack anything critical in your checked luggage. Be sure you can get along without the items in your checked luggage should your bags get lost in route. Keep prescription medications, travel documents, and any must-have items in your carry-on.  
    4. Take along items you may need at your destination.Although many everyday items are available in most places, to avoid having to find a store and make a special trip, pack items you will likely need. For example, carry items such as sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, and any over-the-counter product you may need.
    5. On the way, stay hydrated and safe.Depending on your route and destination, you may need sunscreen and bug spray (remember, sunscreen is applied first, then bug spray.) Stay hydrated, whether driving or flying and ensure your source of water is trusted and not contaminated. Have alternative plans in mind should roads close or flights cancel. Stay buckled up and stop frequently.
A family vacation over spring break is an excellent time for enjoying the outdoors, seeing new sights, and sharing some time together. Be sure that when you go, you do the right amount of pre-planning.  Health and safety should always be a top priority both when vacation planning and on the road. Always be safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your spring break.