Even though states and cities are opening up and people are beginning to return to normal activities, schools remain closed. It has been reported, although nothing is confirmed, that some schools may be closed for all of next year. Whatever the case, school children may wind up with a year or more of home-based schooling. While homeschooled kids consistently score better on national tests such as the SAT and Iowa Basic Skills, teaching children at home requires a great deal of personal sacrifice. The CoVid-19 virus outbreak has put most families with school-age children with no choice but to manage schoolwork. Below are some tips to help parents get through an at-home school day.
  1. Get Grounded then Get Organize
Initially, it’s a good idea to take some time and assess your situation. Allow a day or two to gather your thoughts and assemble school supplies, books, and other needed materials.  Select a space where ‘classes’ will be held and keep it reserved for that purpose.
  1. Build a Schedule and Introduce Some Structure
To successfully manage classes and to be sure all class material is covered, establish a schedule and post it in a convenient place, ideally in the space reserved for class time. It’s not necessary to stick to regular school hours, but maintain a structure and a plan.
  1. Use School Provided Materials
Without a doubt, the school will have provided material for each child. This material is the foundation for the schedule and the day-to-day teaching assignments. Depending on how each school is managing the shut-down, there may be on-line videos to watch or even classroom meetings.  All of these can be a significant help.
  1. Share the Load with Other Families
Remember that while the schools are shut, every family with children are facing the same ‘at-home’ learning challenges. Depending on your situation, you may be able to partner with other families to share teaching duties through an on-line video platform.
  1. Prepare for the Long Haul
While everyone hopes schools can start up again in the Fall, it may not happen.  Some professionals have suggested that keeping the schools closed all of next year is a possibility. Should this happen, homeschooling will become much more of a commitment than today. Think ahead to consider your options and how you might handle work, school, and family activities. There are many on-line homeschooling resources, so making a plan now may be a smart thing to do. No one seems sure of the future course of the CoVid-19 virus pandemic. At Sunset Pediatric Urgent Care, we are available to handle your child’s medical needs. For safety considerations, we have established important guidelines for seeing patients. Please visit our website for the latest details or call our offices at 281-920-5446. We look forward to helping you and your family maintain the highest levels of health possible.