With the Covid-19 virus still causing concerns around Houston, there’re still family activities available that are both safe and readily available to almost everyone. Naturally, if you or a family member is medically compromised, you should use judgment as to whether these activities are appropriate. Still, using responsible safety measures, the following four activities should present good safe fun during the remaining days of summer.
  1. Hold a Family Party in Your Backyard.
The virus has everyone cooped up in our houses, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. Instead of watching TV or other sedentary activity, enlist everyone to plan and hold an outdoor party just for the family. Games, gifts, decorations, grilling, and sing-alongs can all be on the agenda.
  1. Go for a Walk at One of the Open Houston Parks.
Visiting parks is popular these days, so some of them may be too crowded to risk visiting. Nevertheless, being outdoors is healthful both from the abundant fresh air and the sense of open space. Because some parks may be closed, it’s good to call ahead for the latest availability. For the status of Houston parks, visit the Houston Parks and Recreation Website.
  1. Visit a State Park.
If you and your family are feeling more adventuresome and would like to explore other parts of Texas, check out which Texas State Parks are open and plan an overnight camping trip. Reservations are required and, these days, the parks are staying booked, so it’s essential to call ahead. An alternative is to plan a day-trip picnic complete with hiking, an open campfire, picnic foods, and, of course, smores. Contact the Texas State Parks website for complete information.
  1. Conduct an Arts and Craft Session with Your Children.
Things don’t have to complicated or dramatic for children to have plenty of fun. Highlights Magazine has assembled a list of thirty-one arts and craft ideas for families and children.  Many of the suggestions can be created using everyday household items you may already have on hand. For an even more special event, make a party out of the session with drinks, cookies, and ice cream.   These sessions can be a welcome break in the monotony of the Covid-19 lockdown. The physicians and staff at Sunset Pediatric Urgent Care are dedicated to seeing that you and your family remain at the best possible health levels.  Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are available to see urgent care situations within the currently accepted safety guidelines and by appointment only. For the best interest of you and your children, please call first before coming to the clinic. If your situation is a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. The latest Sunset Urgent Care Covid-19 updates and any changes in our procedures are posted on our website.  For the latest Covid-19 guidelines, appointments, or questions, please call 281-920-5446.