This summer, getting out in the fresh air is more attractive than ever. Most of us have spent the last few months quarantined in our homes as we take measures to ward off the Covid-19 virus. Schools have been closed, people are working from home, stores and restaurants have been shuttered, and social distancing has kept everyone apart. No one is sure whether or not schools will open in the Fall, or whether health departments will still require people to remain home-bound.  As summer comes to an end, it might be fun to gather the family together, pack a picnic lunch or camping equipment, and head out to one of the nearby state parks. Yes, it’s hot, but that’s about the only downside. Off-setting the heat are cool evenings and nights, abundant nature, various sports such as fishing, and being outdoors. Whether you spend an afternoon enjoying a picnic complete with roasted hotdogs and marshmallows or rough it with an overnight camping experience, time spent outdoors will pay healthy benefits long into the Fall. A little sun helps elevate your vitamin D, which is reported to help fight Covid-19.  Whether your choice is picnicking or camping, any of the below parks should give you a tremendous end-of-summer outing.
  1. Sheldon Lake State Park and Environmental Learning Center
While Sheldon Lake State Park is not available for camping, hiking, fishing, and nature, learning opportunities are extensive. The park contains a wide variety of wildlife, including alligators, and boasts an 82-foot nature observation tower. Check out the park’s website for information on educational sessions, hiking trails, and registration.
  1. Brazos Bend State Park
Brazos Bend State Park is an almost 5000-acre park to the west of Houston on the Brazos River. The park offers hiking, bicycling, camping, and nature watching. Snap photos of those elusive animals, but you’ll need to make reservations as spots fill fast. You can also visit the park’s website for complete information.
  1. Stephen F. Austin State Park
Stephen F. Austin State Park is located approximately 50 minutes to the west of Houston in Austin County.  The 664-acre park lies along the Brazos River and offers camping, picnicking, hiking, and nature watching.  Call ahead for reservations or visit the park’s website.
  1. Lake Houston State Park
Lake Houston Wilderness Park (formerly Lake Houston State Park) comprises about 4800 acres and is operated by the City of Houston. The park provides cabin facilities, as well as campsites, hiking trails, and boating opportunities. Fees and reservation information can be found on the park’s website. Although the virus has caused immense disruptions to everyday life, there are still opportunities to get out and enjoy safe, family activities. The doctors and staff at Sunset Pediatric Urgent Care are available to see you and your family on an appointment-only basis should an urgent medical arise. Should you have a serious medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. To review our latest Covid-19 updates and any changes in our procedures, please visit the Sunset Pediatric Urgent Care website or call 281-920-5446.