According to a USA Today poll, as many as six in ten parents say they are likely to home school their children this coming Fall and as many as one in five teachers report they are likely to stop teaching. Both parents and teachers say that virus restrictions have made it nearly impossible to teach and learn in today’s classrooms. In addition, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the status of public-school openings for the Fall 2020 school year. Some schools may remain closed, others may partially reopen with restrictions, and others may open with safety procedures in place.  There is a good chance that whatever decision the local school districts makes, parents will be facing, at least, some at-home teaching. Whether or not your children’s schools open or remain closed, it is a good idea to prepare for some in-home classroom work.  Below are several resources parents can use to equip themselves for the tasks and challenges of managing homeschooling.  
  1. Parent’s Magazine published a list of some useful and informative links for parents looking to home school. The list includes sites for home school curriculums, online learning, informative blogs, educational philosophies, and legal subjects.
  1. To outfit a home school classroom, The Home School Resource Room provides suggestions and links as to what supplies well-organized classrooms need.
  1. Student test preparation and testing material can be ordered from Seton Testing Services. The company offers testing materials for grades K thru 12, including the major recognized national tests such as Iowa Basic Skills, Stanford 10, and Terra-Nova2. Once the exams are completed, they are returned to Seton for scoring and evaluation.
  1. To help keep costs down, ThoughtCo has prepared a list of twenty-two homeschool support sites that offer resources and services for free. These sites can be a huge benefit for parents on a budget.
Currently, more than 2.5 million students are being homeschooled, and the Covid-19 virus has accelerated the trends. Homeschooling is also attractive to parents because homeschooled students score better than public school students on standardized national tests; on average, 15 to 30 points higher. Research also shows that household income levels, absence of certifications, parent’s formal education levels, and state and local regulations do not affect test result outcomes. Moreover, these students also scored an average of 72 points higher on the college SAT. While homeschooling can be a challenge, the continuing effects of the pandemic may leave parents with few choices. Whether public schools reopen in the Fall or remain closed, parents should be prepared to conduct, at least, some at-home teaching. Should parents need or want to homeschool, there is a widespread community of homeschoolers and resources available to help. During the virus shutdown, Sunset Pediatric Urgent Care is here for you. Should your children have urgent medical needs, please feel free to contact us. We are seeing patients on an appointment basis.  Should a medical emergency arise, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Please see our website for the latest Covid-19 updates as well as any changes in procedures. Call today for an appointment or the latest information, 281-920-5446.